Some comments from a few of our many happy customers:

"Good news, the paintings arrived safely in Sydney thanks to your great packaging!! We have them up so you can see them when you come in the front door and they look amazing, they brighten up the whole unit"
- Rebecca & Jason, Sydney
"Just a quick email to let you know that our paintings arrived safely and in good condition this morning. Thank you very much. The 3 panels look far more impressive in our home and the colours are just perfect"
- Robyn, Sydney
"The two paintings have arrived safe and sound. They look fantastic in our house and are perfectly suited to our home in Wollongong where everything is close to both the sea and the mountains (escarpment). The colours are perfect, as is the framing you had done for us"

- Mike, Wollongong

"The paintings arrived yesterday and they look fantastic, we are very pleased with the outcome, thanks so much for your efforts, in arranging delivery and for your kind gift as well. We are considering putting the paintings together on one wall, as they look great side by side, rather than on 2 separate walls"
- Maria and Steve, Victoria
"Just as promised, am writing to let you know how the artwork transportation went so you can advise others that have a similar situation I guess. The packaging was perfect and only opened to check to see that it was really a painting as we said and that nothing else was hidden in there so that was fine. It went with our luggage onto the plane and as long as we were within the weight restrictions there were no extra costs. They labelled clearly FRAGILE and we picked it up in New Zealand on a separate carousel for over sized luggage etc. There was absolutely no damage to the box or the painting and it is now hanging in our house on a huge wall and we love it. The colours of the boats and sails brings a "happiness" into the room, that's how I feel! "
- Melanie and Karl, New Zealand

"I have emailed photos of the canvas as promised. It looks really fabulous and I absolutely love it. I can't imagine my verandah without it now, it's almost as if you painted it for that exact purpose. I feel so privileged to have such beauty in my home and to have met someone with your talent "

- Amanda, Queensland


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