Small single paintings
i.e. 60cm x 75cm
i.e. 45cm x 120cm

Large single paintings
i.e. 92cm x 122cm
i.e. 120cm x 120cm
i.e. 100cm x 150cm
i.e. 120cm x 180cm
Triple panel paintings
i.e. 3 x 50cm x 75cm
i.e. 3 x 60cm x 90cm
i.e. 3 x 75cm x 100cm
i.e. 3 x 45cm x 120cm


Misha's Art Prices

Misha prefers to keep busy painting and have his artwork enjoyed, rather than over-price his work and have it sit in a gallery gathering dust...

Misha's artwork is therefore priced accordingly and represents excellent value for money - and buying directly from the artist eliminates gallery/sales fees and ensures the lowest possible prices.

The prices of Misha's artwork vary considerably, depending on the size of the work and the time that he spends creating it. Below is a general guide to the prices of some of Misha's more recent work - however, this is a guide only, and each new piece is priced upon completion (or upon order if a custom order is arranged). Sizes other than those shown may also be available.

Please contact Misha for more details regarding pricing and sizes.

Paintings can be shipped to most places throughout Australia or internationally. The buyer is to pay actual freight costs, which are generally $35- $50 within Australia. All shipped paintings are suitably packaged to prevent damage during transit, and insurance is usually included in the shipping price.

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Custom orders :
Misha can produce custom orders upon request to suit your specific preferences. You may have a particular colour scheme to match or maybe a specific sized wall to fill. These types of orders have included extra large triple panel sets (i.e. 3 x 100cm x 150cm) and even two-panel and four-panel sets. It's up to your imagination!